The "Field to Table" learning experience started in September of 2001 when Mr. Ray Hall, a local farmer from Burbank, SD, opened his fields to students so they could learn about corn and soybean production.  Mr. Hall retired in 2006 and in 2008, Greg and Tara Pirak, owners of Valley Ag Supply in Gayville, SD decided to continue the program.  This program provides a hands-on educational opportunity to local youth.  The in-field classroom allows students a first hand look at local crops as they grow in the field.  It's a wonderful opportunity for our youth to learn about the operation of a farm, how local commodities are grown, and how these crops are used in our everyday lives.

Elementary Program

The elementary program is geared towards 4th and 5th grade students. During the program students will go to seven different stations to learn about different aspects of agriculture, all of which are aligned to the South Dakota Education Standards.​
Elementary Program Stations
- Corn Growth and Development
- Soybean Growth and Development
- Soils
- Dairy 
- Livestock
- Machinery
- Plant Nutrition

Middle School Program

In 2017, we added a middle school program to continue the education of agriculture in our schools. The format is the same as the elementary program but a few of the station topics are different and the content within each station is geared towards 7th grade students. This program is also aligned with the South Dakota Education Standards.

Middle School Program Stations
- Corn Growth and Development
- Soybean Growth and Development
- Soils
- Dairy & Livestock 
- Finance
- Machinery
- Genetics & Biotechnology

Field to Table is held each year in September during the week after Labor Day.

In 2019 our total attendance over all three days was about 790 students from 18 schools.

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  1. Biotechnology and Genetics
    Biotechnology and Genetics
  2. Corn Growth and Development
    Corn Growth and Development
  3. Dairy
  4. Finance
  5. Livestock
  6. Machinery
  7. Plant Nutrition
    Plant Nutrition
  8. Soils
  9. Soybean Growth and Development
    Soybean Growth and Development

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