Planting is where our customer's growing season starts and is a very important step in determining the years potential yields. If your crop has a poor stand due to poor planting, then you are starting the year off at less than maximum yeild potential and there is nothing during the rest of the season that we can do to gain it back. Precision Planting has been a part of Valley Ag Supply for several years now because of this reason; we want to make sure our customers start off the year right. We can test and fix your planter meters, provide you with upgraded Precision Planting parts, and/or install new planting meters or other Precision Planting equipment.

Planter Meter Testing 

Valley Ag Supply has a Meter Max Ultra test stand to test your planting meters to determine how accurate they are running. If they are not running up to standard then we can fix or replace any parts necessary to get it up to standard. Planter meters should be tested every 2 years or at about every 500 acres/row (so for a 12 row planter you would need to test it every 6,000 acres). 

Meter Testing Prices 

$35 per row to clean-inspect-calibrate ​​
(not including replacement parts)

On any meter, finger, standard, or pro vac planter

Common conversion and equipment prices 

Standard Vac Conversion with Bullseye Tube

$140 parts + $35 Installation fee =$175 per row

Each row checked on a Meter Stand

Pro-series Vac Conversion with Bullseye Tube

$170 parts plus $35 Installation fee = $205 per row

​Each row checked on a Meter Stand

Finger Meter Kit with Bullseye Tube

New Precision meters average $200 with seed tubes included

John Deere and Kinze
Get your planter meters in early to ensure they are done and ready to go before the planting season starts!

Electric Drive Meters

If you don't like the overlap on point rows or tired of replacing parts that wear out on the cable drives, then electric drive meters might be an option for you. 

20/20 Monitor

Precision Planting offers a planting monitor that is very simple to run and gives you way more data than the factory monitors from Case IH or John Deere. The monitors will give you singulation, spacing, skips, double, and show you what row is performing the worst and how many dollars you are loosing becasue of these issues.

Down Force Equipment

Once we get your meters in good working order, then we are able to address the next issue we may have. We can analyze the seeds as they come up and see if we are having consistent planting depth or if we need to look into a down force system, of which there are a couple of options available.