The staff at Valley Ag Supply is committed to providing all of our customers with exceptional service. We work hard to meet each of our customers individual needs and goals on a field by field basis. 


Valley Ag Supply has the equipment and experienced staff necessary to properly apply the products you need in your fields. From dry fertilizer with our floaters, to topdressing with our spinners, to liquid fertilizers and crop care products with our sprayers, we'll get the job done for you.  

Crop Scouting &  Consulting​

Our agronomists will help our customers come up with a customized plan of what products to use on their fields that will fit their farming operation and budget. 
Our agronomists will scout the fields of customers who buy and have their crop care products applied by us. This allows our customers to have another set of eyes on their fields, and to help them know what products, if any, need to be applied to ensure that timely applications are made.

Moisture Meters​​

 A moisture meters is a great tool to use on your irrigated ground to help you determine when and when not to run your irrigation pivot. Running the pivot only when needed will save you money and help promote good root growth in your crops. 

Talk to a Valley Ag Supply agronomist to see what it will take to get a moisture meter set up in your field.